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Breaking New Ground...

With all the recent challenges and debate about the need for a proactive approach to health care, it has become clear that practical solutions need to be presented in order to successfully resolve our present day crisis... a proactive approach to health care keeps us all healthier and safer while substantially reducing all our costs.

Our role at Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging, is to provide you and your health care provider with the highest quality infrared imaging, knowledge and non-bias information, and steps to improve your overall health.  For more information, please check out the rest of the site articles and visual examples; we know you'll be fascinated to learn about an advanced technology that is saving lives today.

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How I Got Involved with Thermography...

Carol Portrait 80xThumb "A Thermogram Saved My Life!"

There have been giant strides in Thermography over the decades. I first performed thermography decades ago when it was used in addition to mammography on patients with symptoms; this was before screening mammography was approved by the FDA. (Thermography was approved for breast cancer screening first, several years before mammography in 1982; mammography was approved later in 1989). The technology at the time wasn't very good, and we had to mail (remember that?) polaroid pictures of the images from here out-west, to somewhere back-east for interpretation.  By the time we got the results back, the patient would have already had surgery!  So, thermography proved to be useless to me at that time, and I abandoned it in favor of mammography.

After performing mammography for over 35 years, it became apparent that I was not detecting breast cancer early enough to save lives...

Changing to digital mammography did not significantly reduce the radiation dose to breast tissue as it was supposed to; and corporate medicine, of which mammography is a mainstay, have no interest in the discussion.


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Consider Proactive Care

- New ways to look at health...


...Though family history may play a role, the fact is most diseases like cancer, heart disease, and stroke, are more life-style related than hereditary. It's also a fact that most of the screening tests today are designed to find problems at the latest and most critical stages of disease, when what we really want to do is prevent, not find life threatening problems, right?

Science recognizes the human body as a self-healing organism. When interference to normal body function exist, the human body adapts with its coping mechanisms; when the body's natural efforts to adapt are exhausted, signs and symptoms develop.

Most people do not seek medical help until symptoms limit their normal ability to function, or threaten their survival... These attitudes need to change, for as we observe, this approach is way to costly; both financially, as well as to the well being and true overall health of the individual.

Medical Thermal Imaging works to help you better understand your body’s functions and stress points... By identifying your body’s thermal emission patterns, we are able to help determine if your body is being challenged in its effort to maintain a stable internal environment, so... why not take a look?



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Carol is a Licensed Medical Professional with over 35 years experience in Medical Imaging Modalities, and is also a Breast Cancer Survivor.

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